Army Painter quick shade dip test

Starting collecting Napoleonic figures not only got me researching figures and rules, but also painting tips.

I had read about army painter quick shade and thought I would give the strong tone and dark tone a go on the remaining Blue Moon French.

Now my figures look ok so my only reason for using army painter would be to produce basic line infantry to a reasonably good standard but in at least half the time.

So first the results…

Strong tone


Dark tone


I think I prefer the dark tone, especially the effect of the flesh but not sure about the rest.

Anyhow here is how I did both figures.

1) undercoated in White
2) blocked out blue, black, brown etc etc silver gold basically all the colours. I used the mid or highlight tone for the colours.
3) paint liberally with army painter quick shade
4) leave for 1 minute and then take off excess

All that took 15 minutes for both figures

Leave overnight

5) Matt varnish then leave a few hours
6) highlight, flesh, off White, red, blue and dark grey for both figures this took another 15 minutes

Considerably quicker but I am not sure I like the effect or not. The skill level and care needed is lower as you can slosh paint on and the quick shade hides the bad stuff.

For now I think I will stick with the old ways.


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