AB Dragoons with quickshade

Well let me get this out of my system. Everyone says AB are the best figures around in 18mm so I got some Dragoons and hating painting horses I decided to test with army painter quickshade. But my test figures had a lot of flash much of which I didn’t notice until I was painting, I just don’t expect that at this price point.

So one with how I painted them…..

Firstly I undercoated them white, normally black but I figured using a dip it will darken or muddy the colours a little bit.


Next it’s blocking out the colours. This form of painting can take much less time than normally because any mistakes will be covered up my the quickshade. The end result at this stage reminds me of how I used to paint many years ago.


So at this stage I then brushed on the army painter quick shade dark tone. After a couple of minutes I brushed off some of the major pools of gunge.

Then I left them for 24 hours, the longer the better. The figures look better over time.


The figures at this stage are perfectly good, if you like the glossy look. Personally I don’t, I like a flat finish but with some shiny metal bits.

So next it’s Matt varnish, I use Windsor and Newton Matt varnish brushed on. The it’s the highlighting.

Now the highlighting doesn’t take too long, some green here, off white there. I actually enjoyed painting them, normally hate painting horses. This method took a lot of the monotony out of the process. I think the finished product looks ok.


Now there are things I would do differently…..

A) I would undercoat with the horse colour, that would have saved more time

B) removed a lot more flash before undercoating, but at the price paid for ABs I don’t see why I should

C) I would have looked at the bases when removing the gloop, it has pooled and made painting the hooves difficult

So I look forward to more Bluemoons and in the meantime I have some more test figures to paint and some Dragoons to base.

Will I use more quick shade ? Yeah probably as long as you apply mat varnish and highlight I think you get some pretty good figures.

When I’ve based them I will post up the pictures.


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