A 28mm diversion

I got a bit bored with 18mm, it happens. I saw the Front Rank 28mm reinforcement packs and thought I’d paint up some British peninsula figures.

I must say I really like them, they don’t take that much longer than 18mm.

Here’s my first efforts, I will do some more pictures when I finish the unit.



More Bluemoon French

I haven’t had much painting time recently, but finally got round to some more Bluemoon French. The aim is to make a varied series of battalions made of veterans. So I decided to mix some campaign dress and some men in greatcoats.

I had done this before in 28mm but I’m not sure how it will work in 18mm.

As part of the experiment I also wanted to see if using quickshade would speed up the process without compromising the results. I have a low attention span so I realise I can’t spend too much time on one unit.

So the technique is undercoat white, block colours, quickshade dark tone, matt varnish then highlights. In total it probably saved around 50% of the painting time.

Not quite finished, I haven’t painted the pom-poms yet. I always leave the Pom poms until the figures are based up.

Below is the campaign dress.


And now the greatcoats…


I can’t make my mind up on the quickshade, it does look ok and does save so much time but not sure on it with 18mm miniatures.