10mm eye candy

I once had a brief dalliance with some 10mm napoleonics. I liked 10mm as a scale, mass effect, detail and cheap. But at the time the ranges available were limited.

I look now and there are more ranges available so it’s possible to build complete armies.

There are now even Spanish buildings suitable for the peninsula in 10mm.

Below are some AIM French. I liked the figures they were easy to,paint and detailed enough to make them look ok. But expensive to get here in the UK and a very incomplete range.



Now some Royal Horse Artillery have the French in their sights.



Some 28mm Offensive miniatures French

I only ever painted one of these battalions. You can see how I usually plan my French armies. I either a) 4 bases all fusiliers and just assume the flank companies are detached b) 4 bases with 1 as grenadiers and skirmishes as separate detached figures.


I always like big stands no more than 4 per unit. Usually between 24 to 32 figures.


Offensive minutes paint up very quickly and I think they look good. The range is a little limited but good enough for the bulk of the line in the Peninsula.

British 28mm by Victrix

Here’s some eye candy of my last figures I painted. These are 28mm Napoleonics from Victrix.

I liked the figures, liked the variation but they just took too long to put together.


I painted 3 battalions in total and based them in 4 stands of 6 figures.


Ultimately I just haven’t got the space for 28mm figures. Liked them and would love to go back to them but my maximum table size is 6ft x 4ft, not really enough for 28mm.


Starting Over

Welcome to my blog where I will track and talk about my progress through painting miniature historical figures, my thoughts and feelings and hopefully with some hints and tips that people my find useful.

My History

i used to wargame, napoleonics mainly, some ww2 and the occasional adventures elsewhere.  I have painted and sold many collections, mostly napoleonics and have given up over the last 10 years.

My main passions is the napoleonic wars, in particular the peninsula war. So I decided that I needed sow,thing to do, a project if you like, for the winter months when I can’t get on the golf course.

so here I am starting from scratch.

First thing I did was decide on figure scale.  After much thought I’ve settled on 15mm, or rather 18mm miniatures as a compromise of size, cost and detail.

and now so it begins….