More Bluemoon French

I haven’t had much painting time recently, but finally got round to some more Bluemoon French. The aim is to make a varied series of battalions made of veterans. So I decided to mix some campaign dress and some men in greatcoats.

I had done this before in 28mm but I’m not sure how it will work in 18mm.

As part of the experiment I also wanted to see if using quickshade would speed up the process without compromising the results. I have a low attention span so I realise I can’t spend too much time on one unit.

So the technique is undercoat white, block colours, quickshade dark tone, matt varnish then highlights. In total it probably saved around 50% of the painting time.

Not quite finished, I haven’t painted the pom-poms yet. I always leave the Pom poms until the figures are based up.

Below is the campaign dress.


And now the greatcoats…


I can’t make my mind up on the quickshade, it does look ok and does save so much time but not sure on it with 18mm miniatures.


First units complete

After 5 weeks I have finally completed and based my first 2 French Napoleonic infantry from Blue Moon manufacturing.


I went for 4 bases each 40mm x 30mm. This gives 32 figures and I think the mass effect looks quite pleasing. The basing will work well with Blackpowder, Lasalle, Fields of glory and probably Piquet as well. I planned on playing Blackpowder with half distances but the unit width may push that a bit.

Future units I may only do fusiliers, with separate voltigeurs and then combined grenadiers. We will see.


The basing is done as follows :

A) Glue the figures with Bostick, then coat the bases with PVA then dip in sand.

B) cover the sand in watered down PVA. This seals the sand and stops it chipping off.

C) Painted burnt sienna, the. Dry brush heavily with a lighter brown and then dry brush again with a grey, medium or light will do.

D) Put some PVA in patches around the bases then add some static grass.

E) Then using tweezers, glue some tufts and some stones just to give a little added effect. In my pictures you can still see some of the PVA drying.

So what’s next ?

Firstly some army painter tests, I want to see if I can speed up the basic line infantry and still achieve acceptable results. I will do that this week.

I have orders some Xan miniatures line and some AB dragons. I will probably paint up the Xan next as its always good to get though the line infantry first. Then progress onto 1 line then 1 other unit or model.